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How do you solve a problem like APP Fraud?

Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud remains a global concern – and an expensive one at that. In the UK alone, the cost to victims of APP fraud was £479 million in 2020, with the number of cases rising sharply by 22% from the previous year.

It’s a rise that’s been partly driven by bad actors ruthlessly taking advantage of misfortune, with scams centered around the pandemic making their debut on the global fraud stage. But additionally, the evergreen scam approaches such as social engineering are also on the rise. There’s work to be done.

And that’s the focal point of How do you solve a problem like APP?

Our speakers discussed key topics including:

  • How is APP fraud affecting your business
  • The evolution of fraudsters’ techniques during and post-Covid
  • The impact of the narrowing implementation window for SCA
  • The controls and products that will protect customers, today and tomorrow
  • How collaboration across the industry could be the key to tackle APP fraud

Read our round-up of the webinar.

Key Speakers

Dianne Doodnath
Principal - Remote Payment Channels, UK Finance
Jamie Byles
Group Head of Fraud Risk WPB - Compliance, HSBC
Lloyd Emmerson
Lead Product Owner - Fraud Lab, Lloyds Bank
Ryan Gosling
Commercial Director, Callsign



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