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Threats - malware & bots

Whether it's bots or malware, threats to your customers accounts – and by extension, your business – are rife. We'll help you reduce digital impersonation fraud by 83%.

Real-time bot detection

A transaction is underway, and the information looks correct... but how much can you trust that data? Even a single instance of bot fraud can cause untold problems. With Callsign you can bat the bots away.

Throughout the transaction we're checking the web browser and/or the device for threats such as bots and malware to ensure that the device isn't compromised or being remotely controlled.

And that works across browsers, without the need for half-baked cookies – giving you the confidence that your customers really are who they say they are.

Device fingerprinting

Malware & exploit detection

With apps and malicious sites growing in number, it’s easy for your customers to mistakenly download malicious software. The trouble is, it’s your business that’s then put at risk.

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We scan the device and hashes of installed apps to check for known vulnerabilities against multiple malware engines. We also assess risks to the mobile app session – such as whether a device is rooted or jailbroken, or showing signs of tampering, hooking and emulation.

A brief history of bots

Bots are evolving at a rapid pace. Find out the threats they can pose, how they have matured and evolved with time, and what steps can be taken to mitigate the damage they are capable of inflicting.

Bot Wars

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Stop Account Takeover

Friend or foe?

Data breaches have become everyone's new worst nightmare. Sleep soundly in the knowledge that you're preventing bots and credential stuffing attacks.

Stop identity theft

Is that user genuine?

We'll detect when criminals are using bots to create and access multiple online identities which they can hide behind and cause mayhem.

Stop inventory fraud

Selling out quickly?

Bots might be beating your customers to products or used to create an illusion of scarcity by selecting items and leaving items in the cart.

Callsign is able to more accurately determine the genuine identity of the user and that of a fraudulent transaction Frost & Sullivan

Put the customer first

Let the customer come first. Deliver premium customer experiences easily and cost-effectively with the security of knowing that they’re who they claim to be.

Inherently compliant

Meet regulatory compliance with extensive control over policies, and the ability to demonstrate governance and adherence.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

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