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Download: The Digital Trust Index report

For the first time ever, this Callsign-commissioned report quantifies the GDP value of digital trust, how digital and societal trust are interlinked and what this means for your organization.

Value of trust

Across every industry sector, businesses are realizing that digital trust is foundational to success. The Digital Trust Index shows the financial rewards of digital trust are both real and tangible.

Digital trust drives growth


increase in digital trust...

one percentage point increase in digital trust

...contributes to a 0.8 percentage point increase in societal trust levels


increase in digital trust...

5% increase in digital trust... associated with an average increase in GDP per capita of $3,000


of consumers...

68% of consumers... the creation of a digital identity system


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Digital consumer confidence

Technology, security, accessibility and privacy all impact consumer confidence in your business. Getting these core elements right can help your business flourish and drive revenue growth.

The impact of trust on your business

This unique piece of research maps out the relationships of trust across society – both physical and digital, offering a unique insight into the monetary value investment in digital trust can bring.

In this report we examine:

How trust differs across economies

The relationship between societal and digital trust

The factors that can affect digital trust

A 5% increase in digital trust can grow GDP per capita by $3000

Discover what this means for your business