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Bots. Malware. Social engineering. The threats to security today have risen to unheard-of levels. Callsign has the tools to combat them.


device protection

A ruthless foe demands strong measures. That’s exactly what Callsign provides.

The number of attack vectors available to criminals is constantly increasing: And in response, Callsign is constantly shutting them down, bringing safety and security to businesses and their customers.

Credential stuffing

Bot detection preventing ATO breaches

RAT & replay attacks

Remote Access Trojans and Tor detection

Device anomaly detection

Malicious activity and risk checks such as rooted/jailbroken devices, tampering, hooking, and emulation

Device & application malware profiling

Malware checks on devices, or in web pages and applications

Cookie-free fingerprinting

Cache based (True ID); persists when cookies are removed

Cross-browser detection

Attribute based – persists across browsers

A possession factor you can rely on

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Stop the bots

The scale of malicious online activity is enough to give anyone pause for thought. Bots alone account for a sizeable percentage of all web traffic, and they’re getting better at mimicking human beings. And on a parallel course, malware is rapidly evolving both in terms of efficacy and stealth.

And with social engineering an ever-present and ever-escalating problem, the challenges that organizations face in defeating these threats is sizeable. Sizeable, but not insurmountable; Callsign’s technology is there to give businesses a winning edge in the fight for a more secure future for everyone.

VPN & spoofing detection

For years VPNs have been seen as a way to protect networks. The trouble is as they’ve become more accessible to consumers, they’re also letting them access content in restricted locations.

Whether it's content licensing to security access or privacy laws, location restrictions are in place for a reason.

We’ll detect whether a user is masking their location and provide you with the tools to orchestrate what action you want to take.

And there's more...

Assurance that your users really are who they claim to be is incredibly important. It’s also important to have the assurance that your ecosystem can adapt to new and evolving technologies, changes in regulations, and your own ambitions.


Face any challenge

Whichever authenticators you already use – or want to use – our API-based platform bolsters your ecosystem with the technologies you need.


The sky isn't the limit

100% cloud based, Callsign integrates with your existing infrastructure, letting you break legacy constraints without the need for expensive IT project teams.


Continuous improvement

The next game-changing technology might be years away; or it could turn up tomorrow. Bring new technologies on board whenever you’re ready.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

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