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Intelligence Engine

Enable your genuine users and keep the criminals at bay – passively and effectively. Callsign’s Intelligence Engine: a safe and compliant solution for every eventuality.

Artificial Intelligence, genuine security.

You understand that every user is unique. So do we. Callsign's Intelligence Engine passively analyzes thousands of data points across device, location, behavior and any third-party systems.

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Inherently passive, it provides a warm welcome to legitimate users, whilst leaving the bad actors out in the cold, safeguarding you against the ever-present threats from malware, bots, as well as sophisticated scams and telco fraud.

Ensembling: recognition and trust

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Callsign detects the genuine user factoring whether they’re on a different device or in a different location, to ensure they're still given frictionless and easy access.

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We check for recognized characteristics across device, location and behavior.

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We then look at how trustworthy this information is, conducting ongoing passive analysis across various data points.

Behavioral biometrics

What makes an individual? The way they swipe or tap, how they type, or even how they hold a device – these are all traits unique to each person. And they can’t be mimicked by any bot, malware or bad actor.

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It’s what makes Callsign unique, too. Our software can learn and recognize the styles and flourishes of every user on any device that they're using, to make their authentication passive and painless – and above all, utterly secure.

Complete confidence that your users are who they say they are

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Few people live out their digital lives on a single device – they'll jump from phone to laptop to tablet and back again. But when it comes to security, not all devices are created equally.

And that's where we come in. Callsign keeps users safe and secure on any device that they use – preventing bad actors taking advantage of their portability.

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Device ID

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Block malware

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Stop the bots

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Jailbreak/root detection

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Identity assurance

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Cross-browser assurance

Telecoms intelligence

Stay one step ahead of SIM swaps and SS7 attacks. Callsign uses real-time timestamps to rapidly detect, alert, and intercept attacks or exploit attempts on any MNO vector.

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Nobody stays in one place for long. Wherever your users are, Callsign ensures that their authentication journeys are consistent, smooth, and friction free.

Location-Based Authentication

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