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Globally entrusted by millions of users

Banks to retailers. Governments to digital platforms. From finance to e-commerce to workforce, Callsign’s unsurpassed identity solution is the first choice for organizations across the globe.

Award-winning excellence

Callsign is leading the world in digital identity. But don’t take our word for it – our innovations and successes have been recognized by our industry peers time and again, and we’ve got the awards and accreditations to prove it.

The Callsign solution is nimble and light. We saw no negative customer sentiment at any time. Tier 1 retail bank
Callsign is able to more accurately determine the genuine identity of the user and that of a fraudulent transaction. Frost & Sullivan
We quickly saw the potential of a better customer experience. We were very impressed with the Callsign team. Major US Bank

Effortless deployment

Callsign’s technology can be 100% cloud based, allowing it to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure. That eliminates the need for expensive additional resources such as IT project teams – which gives you the freedom to break legacy constraints.

Long IT change projects are a thing of the past. Our plug and play approach allows non-technical staff to use a single, easy-to-use GUI to develop, modify and launch processes and policies – all without writing a single line of code.

Callsign’s Orchestration Layer lets you unite all of your systems and manage your user’s E2E journey in one place. Orchestrate your tech stack, conduct A/B tests and create new processes and controls, with a few clicks of a mouse.

Any digital interaction has to take privacy, accountability, and ethics into consideration

Powerful, ethical AI Ethos & values


Digital trust and digital identity are vitally important to every industry sector. Our solutions offer any organization and its customers the assurance of bank-grade authentication and security that helps rather than hinders customer experience.

Callsign's CX gives your customers the most streamlined – and secure – customer journeys they'll ever experience.

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Financial institutions and their customers demand the utmost in security. Callsign gives legitimate users just that, smoothly and securely, whilst keeping the bad actors firmly locked out.

Cart 42x42

Deliver fluid, seamless, and secure customer journeys that keep your customers coming back time and again, and avoid cart abandonment and customer churn.

Devices 42x42
Digital platforms

Ease of access, ease of use: dealbreakers for today’s digital consumer. Remove the barriers for your genuine customers with Callsign’s watertight authentication.

Gaming 42x42

Ready, player one? Callsign is. With our seamless authentication, the only challenges your customers will be facing will be in the arena or on the tracks.

Government 42x42

We understand that security and trust are top priorities at government level – and that’s exactly what we provide. Our solutions deliver the robust and compliant authentication journeys that you need.

Workforce 42x42

Your people need unfettered access to their files and systems at any time, in any place. Callsign helps you deliver business continuity with passive, effective authentication.

no further

The next-generation authentication and security that Callsign provides is not only ahead of the market – it’s cost-effective, highly scalable and easy to deploy.


Save time & money

Remove the need for multiple vendors with a scalable cloud-based solution that’s easy and cost-effective to implement.


Fluid customer journeys

High security without the friction. Roll out the red carpet to your customers whilst bolting the gate against criminals.

Be fully

Compliant today and tomorrow

Regulations change constantly, with severe penalties for non-compliance. Callsign keeps you on the right side.

We're changing the rules of identity

Stop reacting to change, stay in front.