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Callsign One Ident

Callsign One

Industry leading passive authentication

360 fraud protection

Account takeover

Our industry-recognized AI and machine learning models identify genuine users to protect against third-party fraud attacks

First-party fraud

Leverage device, location and behavioral insights help verify genuine vs. fraudulent transactions

Passive (3FA) authentication that’s fully SCA compliant

We’ve packaged our market leading authentication and fraud detection capabilities to offer out-the-box authentication journeys that are compliant, secure and most importantly, user friendly. If you’re looking to scale your digital presence, we’ll help you focus on top line growth at a fixed bottom line price.


Through a simple SDK integration, Callsign can help you tackle fraud and meet authentication compliance – all while removing friction for customers.

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Easy integration

Integration via a single SDK with full access to documentation

Improved UX

Passive authentication reduces friction for customers and means no more lost OTPs

Improve operational efficiencies

Easy to use via a drag-and-drop interface and doesn’t require professional services expertise to manage policy changes

Regulatory compliance

PSD2 SCA compliant authentication with full audit functionality

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Find out how you can save on your current authentication solutions, meet PSD2 compliance and improve UX all in one go.

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