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We understand the importance in providing clear information about our security practices, capabilities and responsibilities within Callsign, so that our Clients can feel confident in choosing us as a trusted service provider and understand how and what we do in order to secure our platform.

Callsign is proud to be externally verified as compliant to key industry standards, and we can provide full supporting documentation and evidence and information about the specifically related controls we have in place.

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Data security

Security is part of our DNA, and at the heart of our products. And nothing is more important to us than ensuring that security is extended to our subscriber organization data. We go above and beyond the fundamentals of information security to implement robust processes to protect our subscriber organization information.

Find out more about the specific controls and approaches that we use and the different aspects of our business – from the office we use, to our third parties, access control and prevention and detection strategies – by following the link below.

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Vendor code of conduct

The Callsign Vendor Code of Conduct (‘The Code’) sets out the minimum standards we expect all our vendors to conform to and encompasses the key social, ethical and environmental principles that we believe a responsible business should adhere to.

Our vendors and supply chains are integral to how we fulfil our clients’ needs. We work closely with our vendors to manage risks and drive continuous improvements in the standards of performance and quality through the provision of goods and services. Through collaboration with our vendors, we enable innovation to create value for our clients.