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Account takeover

Fight fraud and empower genuine users with a digital ID that stops account takeover (ATO) in its tracks.

Account takeover prevention

True positive identification

The only way to truly prevent account takeover is to be certain that the user is who they claim to be. Our industry-leading AI uses advanced behavioral biometrics, location analysis and device fingerprinting techniques to passively determine the user's identity – denying access to bad actors, even if they know their username and password.

Preventing ATO in banking

Start More Certain

Whether it's password breaches, bots or shared credentials, you don't want anyone but the genuine user accessing their account. Our industry-leading, cross-browser device fingerprinting and other intelligence factors protect against account takeover.

Keep your customers protected

Helping a UK retail bank achieve frictionless card payments

Discover how we helped the bank maintain above 99% acceptance rate, even whilst seeing 20% net new users during peak sales periods

Protect your customers
and your brand

Reduce the need for multiple vendor solutions with one central view of activity across digital, telephony & physical channels.

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Filter out bad actors

Threat detection identifies and stops threats like bots, RATs, malware and scripted attacks​.

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Identify legitimate users

We identify individual users with AI and ML models that collect and analzye data across device, location and behavior.

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Flexible to your risk tolerance

If the user cannot be positively identified, you can route them to step-up authenticators or you can block access. ​

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Orchestrate onward journey

Remaining digital journeys orchestrated (i.e. payment optimization, additional controls etc)​.

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Put the customer first

Let the customer come first. Deliver premium customer experiences easily and cost-effectively with the security of knowing that they’re who they claim to be.

Inherently compliant

Meet regulatory compliance with extensive control over policies, and the ability to demonstrate governance and adherence.

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