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Social engineering & scams

Stopping social engineering scams is difficult – and it's only getting harder. The simple fact is that you need to prevent, not just detect.

Real-time scam prevention

Don’t wait till after the fact

Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud and business email compromise scams are notoriously difficult to prevent. We take a proactive approach when it comes to stopping social engineering attacks with real-time interventions.

Real-time interventions
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Contextual data

Is the user doing something dangerous?

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Is suspicous activity detected?

Find out why we’re recognized by Gartner

This complimentary Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection offers market insights, trends and a list of Representative Vendors for online fraud detection.

ebook: Online scams

Our latest report looks at both the business and consumer impact online scams is having.

From the direct impact on revenue and customer retention rates to the monetary losses from reimbursement or regulatory fines.

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Callsign is able to more accurately determine the genuine identity of the user and that of a fraudulent transaction. Frost & Sullivan