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Social engineering & scams

Stopping social engineering scams is difficult – and it's only getting harder. The simple fact is that you need to prevent, not just detect.

Real-time scam prevention

Don’t wait till after the fact

Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud and business email compromise scams are notoriously difficult to prevent. We take a proactive approach when it comes to stopping social engineering attacks with real-time interventions.

Real-time interventions
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Contextual data

Is the user doing something dangerous?

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Is suspicous activity detected?

2022 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Digital Identity

Get insights into the latest technologies from behavioral biometrics to journey-time orchestration that can help future-proof your digital identity strategy. Get your complimentary copy

Prevent account abuse

Account abuse is frustrating. Searching around for the best deal is fine from the customer's viewpoint; but it impacts your bottom line. Ensure in real time that activity is genuine with an invisible digital ID, built for each and every one of your users.

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Stop free trial/promo offer abuse

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Detect VPN and location spoofing

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Prevent account sharing

Scams damage your reputation

Bad actors pretending to be legitimate companies cause 45% of consumers to lose trust in the company they’re impersonating.

Is it time to change the channel?

You can’t stop bad actors contacting your customers, but you can ensure your customers trust you. By providing seamless and secure online journeys you not only improve customer experience you increase trust.

Stop scams:
right here,
right now.

Criminals are getting savvy to fraud warnings and other preventive methods. Keep them on their feet with contextual and real-time scam detection that can't be guessed or circumvented.


Scams in real-time

We check in real-time for suspicious activity or signs that suggest a scam is taking place.


At the right time

If abnormal behavior is detected, we dynamically send the user a prompt detailing the type of fraud suspected and ask some questions to gather more information.


Swift and decisively

Based on the customer response and signals, we'll either send a message to the user explaining what to do and/or we'll put a stop to to the transaction altogether.

Fighting the digital outlaws

The internet may not be the wild frontier that it once was; but rest assured, it’s still bandit country. And today’s cyber criminals are every bit as ruthless and persistent as their Dodge City counterparts.

Digital scams and how to tame them

In this whitepaper we examine the increasingly sophisticated techniques of scammers, and the strategies and technologies that will send them running to the hills. With advice from leading behavioral scientists, as well as original consumer and industrial research, it’s a must-read.

SIM swap detection

SMS OTPs have become synonymous with multi-factor authentication. It's no surprise that as a result, SIM swap has become synonymous with fraudsters. Make sure SMS OTPs aren’t the weak link in your security stack. With our real-time SIM swap protection, you’ll know whether it’s a genuine customer making the request.

SIM swap & call divert prevention
Callsign is able to more accurately determine the genuine identity of the user and that of a fraudulent transaction. Frost & Sullivan

Put the customer first

Let the customer come first. Deliver premium customer experiences easily and cost-effectively with the security of knowing that they’re who they claim to be.

Inherently compliant

Meet regulatory compliance with extensive control over policies, and the ability to demonstrate governance and adherence.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

Stop reacting to change, stay in front.