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Authentication Suite

Sometimes authentication needs to be active; sometimes it needs to be passive. It all depends. Callsign allows you to use the right multi-factor authentication technology for every user journey, every time.

Multi-factor authentication

There are as many ways to authenticate people as there are people.

And those people want their transactions and user journeys to be smooth, unintrusive, passive. Callsign’s range of advanced mobile and web authenticators ensures that’s the case.

And because every person is different, there are times when an active approach is needed – which is why we also support the full range of traditional, out-of-band authenticators: voice, hard tokens, and SMS & email OTPs.

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The only vendor to layer behavioral biometrics with other circumstantial evidence.

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SCA Assurance

Passwords and PINs are still the most common authenticators used by many organizations. But they’re easily compromised, and the secret questions that underpin them can be obtained via social engineering. But passwords and PINs can still play a role, as long as they’re supported by other forms of authentication.

Whilst we can offer traditional knowledge-based authenticators such as PIN and password, we always recommend layering these with inherence-based attributes such as keystroke dynamics to guarantee the appropriate level of protection.

Possession is where the cookies crumble. Like hard tokens, cookies are outmoded posession factors. Devices and tokens can be stolen; and bad actors are increasingly using software simulations to bypass conventional security.

But that won't get them past Callsign’s security. Our best-in-market device fingerprinting does away with expensive SMS OTPs or stale cookies, and can detect and deter rooted or jailbroken devices, or emulations – no matter how sophisticated.

The vital third authentication factor, inherence requires something unique to the user.

And Callsign is unique in that we positively identify the user, a method that preserves privacy whilst providing unmatched security. This is achieved by analyzing not what a user types or taps, but how: the way they swipe, the way they type, even how they hold their device.

Combined, these factors add up to a secure and frictionless authentication experience for genuine users – and a genuine headache for bad actors.

Better than
2 factor

Better than 2 factor

Deliver smooth user journeys with unique authentication technologies that allow 2FA and 3FA from one single, simple interaction.


Multi-factor... multi-channel

Remove the need for separate vendors with a technology that’s deployable across all of your channels, from login to payments to call center.


Compliant today, and tomorrow

Move with the times. Callsign’s MFA is compliant with all existing regulations, and allows you to quickly adapt to whatever’s around the corner.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

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