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Zero trust network access

It's time to stop relying on single knowledge factors like usernames and passwords, that are easily compromised and allow bad actors to roam freely.

Step beyond VPN

A single point of failure is bad news for a business; but a golden opportunity for a bad actor. And unfortunately, that's exactly what a VPN's authentication process is. If they circumnavigate it, then they can – and will – cause immeasurable damage.

With Callsign, you don't need to worry – we identify users at an individual level, meaning we can spot a bad actor even if they know a legitimate user’s password. Our Zero Trust approach gives you and your teams greater assurance around the integrity of your network.

Zero Trust 2.0

Password resets have become the new login, meaning huge administrative overheads for you and your team.

Our approach to Zero Trust offers the same 'Fort Knox' level of security without relying on passwords or compromising the user experience.

user experience

Reduce password resets

Providing staff with a friction-free user experience, is a sure-fire way to improve productivity – helping you measurably improve the bottom-line of your business.


Easy to implement

Zero Trust security that's easy to manage and quick to integrate – all within one central platform.


Quick to deploy

Write policies with a few clicks of a mouse and not a single line of code. All without needing an IT change project to implement.

Balancing security with UX

With Callsign you can define access rights at an individual level with policies for every authentication journey based on your organization's risk appetite, meaning you can seamlessly authenticate your workforce without needing to manage huge change projects.

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A solution that excels by the combination of various capabilities. KuppingerCole Analysts

Inherently compliant

Meet regulatory compliance with extensive control over policies, and the ability to demonstrate governance and adherence.

Ruthless with fraud

Reduce digital impersonation fraud (including RAT, bot and manual) by up to 83% with increased intelligence and passive authentication.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

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