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The world’s most intelligent authentication

Introducing a new era in passive authentication, fraud prevention and intelligence. We make digital identity simple and more secure.

Passive authentication

Purely passive

Future success relies on customer convenience. Callsign offers the world’s most streamlined and secure transactions your customer will ever experience.

Intelligently orchestrated journeys

Intelligently orchestrated

Simple to use and simple to deploy. You’re in control. You set the customer journey with the ability to test, improve and release.


The perfect balance

Powering forward-thinking companies
We quickly saw the potential of a better customer experience. We were very impressed with the Callsign team. Major US bank
The Callsign solution is nimble and light. In most cases, our customers don’t detect anything different. We saw no negative customer sentiment at any time. Tier 1 retail bank

The story so far

The world’s fastest-growing organization in behavioral authentication and intelligence.

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Service finance and digital sectors with next-gen customer experience and fraud prevention.

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