Every day we face the problem of gaining access to systems for which we don’t have the right passwords, One Time PINs or answers to secret questions that are required. In the end, as users, we often struggle to gain access to the services we need and as a result, businesses lose out too.

To deliver simple and secure access to everything requires a different solution – the Callsign app. The intelligence that’s built into the unique technology behind the Callsign app means you stay in control of every single access attempt. This means that anyone attempting to impersonate you by simply stealing your passwords or personal (so called “secret”) information is unable to access your services.

As a business owner you no longer have to worry about failed or fraudulent login attempts; instead we enable truly intelligent access control decisions by analyzing over 50 factors in real-time. This approach enables rather than disables your business needs, whether it is an attempt to log in to a VPN server, make a payment or simply open a door. See how Callsign can help your business.