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Intelligence Driven

Callsign enables enterprises to define adaptive authentication policies,
utilizing deep learning insights to pinpoint threats.


Gain unrivalled insights and agility, via one integrated solution, to proactively protect your enterprise from rapidly evolving threats.

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Regain control, by stopping others from accessing your services. Download the app and say goodbye to passwords forever.

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Build secure access into any service by integrating Callsign within minutes. Setup and maintain users, create and manage policies.

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The integrated solution

Every day the threats from cybercrime are evolving, meaning the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to cyber security risk management either results in too much or too little security.

Forget the stress and risk of outdated password based logins. Callsign makes it easy with a secure authentication solution that works the way you and your users want.

Protect your Enterprise with seamless authentication, anywhere, anytime. It’s smooth sailing for you and your users because behind the scenes we run a highly configurable Intelligence Driven Authentication platform, that uses multiple layers to recognize users through deep learning based upon location, behavior, device and biometrics.

Unlike anything else, Callsign is an innovative and agile solution that future-proofs authentication and puts you back in control.

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crypto engine


Crypto Engine

Military grade Crypto Engine, helps eliminates phishing, spear phishing, MITM and advanced malware threats. Built in C and Assembly, the Crypto Engine delivers optimal levels of performance and security.

cyber iq engine


Neural Engine

The Neural Engine fuses more than 50 data elements in real time to pinpoint suspicious activity. It assesses the risk of the user’s device, their location and behavior, and can identify them through a single Swipe.

policy engine


Policy Engine

The Policy Engine empowers risk officers. Controlled through the Callsign Dashboard, Policies can be easily adapted to step authentication up or down in real time based on factors such as user behavior and location.


Swipe to Approve ™

What makes Callsign’s IDA unique is the way in which it harnesses the power of the sensors on a smartphone to instantly process key data analytics, providing you with secure and seamless access to the services you want.

From just a simple Swipe of your phone Callsign can identify you from anyone else. No other authentication solution in the world delivers this level of sophistication and user experience.

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Protect against password breaches

Simple secure access delivered via iOS and Android apps or SDK

iPhone App

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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Android App

Compatibility: Requires 4.0 and up

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Integrate Callsign with everything

Integrate with your favourite SaaS Apps, VPN Clients and anything else you can think of.

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