Welcome to Callsign, the convenient and secure way to control your personal information.

What is Callsign?

It’s an easy-to-use app that replaces outdated identification methods and spells the end for passwords, arbitrary questions like “what’s your first pet’s name?” and security devices. It also eliminates the need for long registration forms and business cards. Instead, you can share your Callsign with others and control precisely which of your personal details you give to them. Add your Callsign to your email signature or to your social network profile, and always be in control of what personal details you share and with whom.

How does it work?

Simply create your Callsign then share it with others to exchange personal details, or register and login to websites and services, including all the systems you use at work.

The app has been developed with the highest security standards built in – similar to those used by leading banks. It’s also completely private. There are no concerns about your details being available for everybody to see on social networks. You decide what you share and with whom. We will never sell or give your data to anyone else. Ever. So, however you use your Callsign, you can use it safe in the knowledge that everything you do is secure and private.

How can businesses use Callsign?

Callsign delivers an unparalleled combination of security and user experience for businesses that need to identify their employees, partners and customers. It will help to reduce overheads, including customer and technical support costs, and is seamless to integrate.

The platform also enables you, as a business, to prove your identity to others – an essential requirement in the digital world, where remote transactions across internet and telephone mean that your users need to be certain they are dealing with the genuine business.

Take a look at the business section to learn more.