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A new era in behavioral authentication and intelligence

The future of digital identity has arrived. As the foundation of digital trust – the most valuable currency in business today – customers demand more from their online interactions.
More ease, more security, more privacy.

And that’s where Callsign comes in.

Intelligence engine


Artificial intelligence: the key to genuine security. Callsign’s Intelligence Engine allows you to easily authenticate genuine users with minimal friction, and keep the criminals at bay – passively and effectively.

With unique, next-generation technology at its heart, it’s a safe and compliant solution for every eventuality.

Orchestration layer


Simple to use, simple to deploy. Callsign’s Orchestration Layer works together with your systems and technologies in perfect harmony. Manage your users’ end-to-end journey in one place via a quick drag-and-drop GUI, and manage and deploy new processes and controls with the click of a mouse.

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Code-free integration

You control the journey

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Test. Improve. Release. Repeat.

Zero-risk testing

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At-a-glance insights

View, review and audit

Authentication Suite


It’s time to move beyond the password. A new world demands new technologies – technologies that deliver authentication journeys that are adaptable and robust, as well as intuitive and fluid.

Callsign’s Authentication Suite
gives you the tools to authenticate your users on any device, wherever they are.


Multi-factor Authentication

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Something only the user knows

Phone 42x42

Something only the user has

Fingerprint 42x42

Something only the user is

Quick, easy

No two infrastructures are the same. But legacy systems and architectures don't need to be a barrier. Callsign can integrate with your existing estate, wherever you are on your digital transformation journey.

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Highly scalable

Horizontal and vertical scaling ensures constant availability

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Cloud native

Multi & single tenant deployment options

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Quick & easy integration with your existing infrastructure

Powering forward-thinking companies
A solution that excels by the combination of various capabilities KuppingerCole Analysts
Above and beyond

And there's more...

Assurance that your users really are who they claim to be is incredibly important. It’s also important to have the assurance that your ecosystem can adapt to new and evolving technologies, changes in regulations, and your own ambitions.


Save time & money

Remove the need for multiple vendors with a scalable cloud-based solution that’s easy and cost-effective to implement.


Roll with the changes

Agility without the friction. Update, integrate and adapt according to your roadmap and strategy.


Compliant today and tomorrow

Regulations change constantly, with severe penalties for non-compliance. Callsign keeps you on the right side.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

Stop reacting to change, stay in front.