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Account login & access

For many organizations, password reset has become the new login. Stand out from the crowd with seamless and secure experiences that win over customer loyalty.

Agile access to

Intelligent protection

Credential stuffing. Account takeover. Social engineering. The fraud risks at login alone are numerous. But are you having to sacrifice your protection against these to deliver low-friction login experiences?

Swap your reliance on outmoded and insecure passwords and SMS OTPs for seamlessly orchestrated account access that lets you positively identify your customers with passive authentication.

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Open the door to hyper-personalized journeys

Logging in your users frictionlessly without the need for a password – it's the gold standard. And it's attainable.

Our cross-browser device ID technology keeps customer friction to the minimum, identifying and welcoming back returning customers with market-beating precision.

Balancing UX with security

Swift and secure

When it comes to Card Not Present (CNP) transactions, we offer the same swift and secure payment authentication by recognizing returning customers seamlessly across your merchant base​.

Swift and secure payments

Secure from the start

Find out why some of the world's largest organizations trust our cross-browser device ID, unique behavioral biometrics and industry-leading orchestration solutions.

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Prevent Account Takeover

Stop account sharing

Detect and block bots

Stop credential stuffing

Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal

"Security and risk management leaders can create a foundation of trust with their customers by transforming their approach to customer identity validation with new technologies and strategies." Find out how in this Gartner Report. Download Report

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Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal

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Relationships are based on trust

Trust goes two ways. You need to trust that the customer is who they claim to be. And equally, your customers require protection, privacy and ease to build long-term brand loyalty.

NPS scores

Improve customer experience

Win over customers and build loyalty with seamless experiences across every interaction with your brand.


Stop the bad guys

Prevent account takeover and password breaches with intelligent solutions that passively authenticate your customers in the background.


Fully auditable

Technology that strikes the perfect balance between compliance, the customer, and rigorous fraud prevention.

Positive identification

Take your authentication to the next level with personalized user journeys, world-leading security and privacy-first solutions.


Machine Learning Fusion

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Reduce costs

Reliance on passwords means a dependency on SMS OTPs – a dependency that quickly becomes expensive. You'll be amazed and delighted by the savings that switching to passive behavioral authentication can make.

Hyper-personalized experiences

Callsign makes it easy for your customers to authenticate, removing any reliance on expensive SMS OTPs and significantly improving security​.


The user logs in and Callsign passively detects and blocks threats.


Our AI and machine learning models analyze thousands of device, location and behavior data points to confirm the user's identity.


If the user cannot be positively identified they are routed to step-up authenticators.


Once authenticated, Callsign orchestrates their onward journey.

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Callsign passively identifies and eliminates threats such as malware, bots, and compromised devices.


Our Device ID technology combined with behavioral and location intelligence identifies returning users with market beating precision – without any customer friction.

Orchestrates onward journey

With the assurance that your customers are who they claim to be you can offer tailored experiences from login to payment, reducing the risk of abandoned transactions.

We quickly saw the potential of a better customer experience. We were very impressed with the Callsign team. Major US Bank

Ruthless with fraud

Reduce digital impersonation fraud (including RAT, bot and manual) by up to 83% with increased intelligence and passive authentication.

Inherently compliant

Meet regulatory compliance with extensive control over policies, and the ability to demonstrate governance and adherence.

Ready for the new era of authentication?

Stop reacting to change, stay in front.