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Who goes there? It’s the question at the heart of any authentication journey, and all too often it relies on a binary yes/no decision. Callsign’s AI-driven ensembling technology goes far beyond that.

The power of

By considering and analyzing myriad data points, Callsign weighs up behavior, possession and inherence factors to build a confidence score that the user really is who they claim to be.

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And because no two interactions are the same – even for the same user – our technology considers the accuracy factors inherent to any event, past and present, in its calculations. The result is a passive authentication process that confirms users are who they say they are, without introducing undue friction to the user journey.

The confidence

The login details look legitimate; but there’s more to credibility than just having the right credentials. Callsign builds a score from a wide range of factors to allow you to decide whether it all adds up... or not.

Behavioral Biometrics 42x42

No two people type, swipe or tap the same way. Callsign learns the behaviours that are unique to every user and every transaction.

Devices 42x42

Callsign is able to recognize when a familiar user is using a new device – and when a familiar device is being used in an unfamiliar manner.

Location 42x42

In the office, in the home, in the taxi – wherever a user happens to be, our software ensures that their location matches their typical behavior.

Threat 42x42

Callsign constantly monitors for malware, SIM swaps or jailbroken devices; incorporated into the final authentication score.

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There’s more to ensembling than meets the eye.

And the same is true of the threats and risks that its designed to mitigate. You can find out more about those risks and the powerful ways that Callsign’s ensembling technology combats them in this important whitepaper.

Fusion & Ensembling

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And there's

Assurance that your users really are who they claim to be is incredibly important. It’s also important to have the assurance that your ecosystem can adapt to new and evolving technologies, changes in regulations, and your own ambitions.


Face any challenge

Whichever authenticators you already use – or want to use – our API-based platform bolsters your ecosystem with the technologies you need.


The sky isn't the limit

100% cloud based, Callsign integrates with your existing infrastructure, letting you break legacy constraints without the need for expensive IT project teams.


Continuous improvement

The next game-changing technology might be years away; or it could turn up tomorrow. Bring new technologies on board whenever you’re ready.

The Callsign solution is nimble and light. We saw no negative customer sentiment at any time. US tier one bank

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