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Changing the face of digital identity

Our mission is to seamlessly power the identification of every web, mobile and physical interaction. How are we doing this? By building the technologies that will empower every transaction and put identity at the heart of every experience.

The Callsign manifesto

Every element of our digital environment is becoming defined by personalization, speed, customer-centricity and efficiency. Customers expect solutions that are fluid, intuitive, and inherently secure, as well as impeccable data responsibility. And if a business can’t deliver that, those customers will be quick to switch to one that does.

What’s at the core of this digital life? In a word, trust. It needs to be at the heart of every interaction, every transaction, every digital experience. But currently, digital trust is broken.

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Callsign is changing that. We’re helping businesses build their online journeys around the individuals and their identities in a positive and proactive way – using their unique characteristics to make their digital lives smoother whilst preserving trust and respecting privacy.

Simply put, we’re bringing security and service together in pursuit of a common goal that values trust, eliminates fraud, and builds a better, fairer digital world for everyone.

Ethical AI &
privacy conscious

When it comes to digital identity, the ongoing evolution of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning raises important questions around privacy – and rightly so.

We believe that privacy is of the utmost importance, and our technologies embody that belief, providing robust identification and authorization whilst preserving privacy.

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Built-in privacy

Our bespoke data obfuscation techniques analyze against behaviors – not individuals themselves.

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Users first

Our data collection points are events based because we believe in security - not surveillance.

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Fully compliant

Our solutions are designed to be compliant with existing and future privacy regulations.

Passionate about privacy. Inspired by identity. Driven by trust.

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Our values

We're working to build a fairer, more equitable digital future for everyone, and that mindset is etched into our core values and ethos as an organization.

Our story
starts in '94

When Russian hacker, Vladimir Leonidovitch Levin, attempted the biggest bank heist the world had ever seen via dial-up internet in 1994, Zia Hayat, Callsign CEO and founder, was immediately hooked. It seemed as armchair fraud had become a real possibility...

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