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The story so far

When Russian hacker, Vladimir Leonidovitch Levin, attempted the biggest bank heist the world had ever seen via dial-up internet in 1994, Zia Hayat, Callsign CEO and founder, was immediately hooked. It seemed as armchair fraud had become a real possibility. From this very moment, Zia knew he wanted to play a part in stopping the bad guys and securing the internet for all.

Our history

2012 Genesis

Zia Hayat founds Callsign in London with his business partner, Ian Welch. With just seven employees, our mission is clear: create the most intelligent authentication solution on the market, and help businesses keep the digital identities of employees safe and verified.

2014 Home is where...

We moved to our first permanent office space in Moorgate, London. The first two years are spent building and testing the initial Callsign concept with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

2016 Moving on up

We now have over 40 employees onboard; and we’ve deployed our technology to hundreds of thousands of users. By this point, we have tested and refined the Callsign solution with banks and governments, amongst others.

2017 Series A

We secure our Series A funding round: $35 million. In a paradigm shift, we begin rolling out a customer-facing version of the Callsign solution, paving the way to bring empowering digital identity to everyone.

2018 The world beckons

Expansion continues. With over 100 employees, Callsign moves to prestigious new offices overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral and establishes footholds in the USA and Australia, as well as winning customer authentication contracts, and partnering with Microsoft, Temenos and Intel.

2021 The future of identity

With more and more major businesses adopting the Callsign solution; we open offices in the UAE and Singapore. Our Identity First event brings together the finest minds across industry and academia to tackle the challenges of digital trust and how we can build a better, more equitable future for everyone.

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We want to play a part in stopping the bad guys and securing the internet for all. Zia Hayat, Founder & CEO

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