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Telco intelligence

Whether it's at login or payment, we'll help you identity different types of fraudulent activity with real-time telecoms data, including SIM swap and line busy detection.

How Callsign
uses telecoms

During an interaction, Callsign cross-references the real-time transaction data with live telecoms data, to ensure that the user really is who they say they are. Built right into our software, it’s an additional line of defense against fraudulent activity such as Account Takeover (ATO) and sophisticated SS7 attacks -and it doesn’t need any additional resources.

SIM Swap 42x42
SIM swap

Has this taken place recently?

Call Divert 42x42
Call divert

Is this in place on the number associated with this account?

Checklist 42x42
Fraud checks

Has the phone been reported missing – or cloned?

Phone Number 42x42
Phone number

Is the right number being used with the right account?

Roaming 42x42

Is roaming enabled – and has the location changed?

Location 42x42
Location spoofing

Are they attempting to mask / spoof their location?

on speed dial

With SMS OTPs used throughout the customer journey, it's vital to ensure that they're reaching the genuine customer and not, someone else.

See for yourself

Our real-time SIM swap timestamps check whether a SIM swap has taken place, and how recently, allowing you to orchestrate the appropriate response – whether that's stepping-up authentication, or blocking the transaction altogether.

or phoney?

The mobile phone technologies that we all depend on were not designed with security in mind.

That’s changing – slowly. Meanwhile, bad actors will use every tool at their disposal to execute their frauds and scams. But how can you stop them dead in their tracks?

SS7 & other mobile threats

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Spoofing detection

Whether it's fraudsters spoofing their location for nefarious means or your customers looking to mask their location to access more of your services.

We’ll detect when a user is masking their location and provide you with the tools to orchestrate what action you want to take.

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The identity question, answered

Data privacy is a massive concern for everyone – and that includes us. Callsign’s approach means that using telecoms data in an identity solution isn’t a concern.

Why Callsign

By using yes/no validation, Callsign utilizes a light touch, only comparing the information provided by the user with that held by the MNO.

If our technology suspects fraud, authentication can be stepped up with additional checks.

And there's more...

Assurance that your users really are who they claim to be is incredibly important. It’s also important to have the assurance that your ecosystem can adapt to new and evolving technologies, changes in regulations, and your own ambitions.


Face any challenge

Whichever authenticators you already use – or want to use – our API-based platform bolsters your ecosystem with the technologies you need.


The sky isn't the limit

100% cloud based, Callsign integrates with your existing infrastructure, letting you break legacy constraints without the need for expensive IT project teams.


Continuous improvement

The next game-changing technology might be years away; or it could turn up tomorrow. Bring new technologies on board whenever you’re ready.

The Callsign solution is nimble and light. We saw no negative customer sentiment at any time. Tier 1 retail bank

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