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Integration & deployment

Our multi- and single-tenant solutions can scale to meet the needs of any organization no matter what the size.


Those with multiple business units / brands, or even country operations can manage their fraud and authentication landscape from within a single instance of the platform. Deployed on-premise or in the cloud and using our REST APIs,

integration with your back-end systems is quick, easy and most importantly, secure. What's more, adding and changing data sources is agile and flexible with our API configuration interface that doesn't need long IT change projects to implement.

Rapid deployment

Deployment is quick and agile. Reducing dependencies on IT, it streamlines internal processes and offers greater collaboration across the business – saving time and costs.

To provide the highest industry availability, we utilize multi 'availability zones' and/or multi regions from cloud providers, so if something happens in one region, we can migrate functionality to another.

The platform provides horizontal and vertical scaling. If it’s Black Friday, Prime Day, the last Friday or the first day of the month you can effectively manage spikes in traffic, without worrying about the availability of your services to end users.

Manage your security appetite with adaptable enterprise security restriction policies from IP restriction to mutual authentication or direct access through your cloud provider.

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Entrusted by the world's largest banks

Single point
of interaction

Quick and easy

Authentication events are passed through our Enterprise Transaction Gateway (ETG), meaning easier integration, development and stronger security.


Keeping you agile

With a standardized user interface, teams can be familiar with all aspects of the platform – reducing the dependency on specialist product knowledge and training costs.


100% cloud based

Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, letting you break legacy constraints without the need for expensive IT project teams.

Flexible & adaptable

Our code-free and easy-to-use standardized interface, means that once trained, your users will be familiar with all aspects of the platform, providing more agility within teams and better allocation of resource.


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