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Payments Summit

We are going to be taking part in three panel sessions at this year's Payment Summit in Salt Lake City

Faster Payment Panel Session
February 28, 2:15pm

Hal Granoff, Head of US Market Development is joining experts from the ROIG group, Trustly, Citi and Glenbrook partners to understand the challenge of real-time payment fraud. They will look at what the US can learn from other markets as well as the technologies available to tackle fraud in real-time.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
March 2, 8:30am

Hal Granoff, Head of US Market Development will be talking with experts from Trevipay and Bestbuy about the impact of BNPL fraud. They will also be discussing the actions providers can take to protect their customers.

AI, Data Science and Behavioral Analysis in Payments
March 2, 11:00am

Zuul Quarnain, VP, Customer Success is joining representatives from Bank of America and Avant to explore the role AI, and behavioral analysis have in fraud prevention in the payment industry.

Key Speakers

Hal Granoff
Head of US Market Development, Callsign
Zuul Quarnain
VP, Customer Success, Callsign


February 28 - March 1


Marriott Salt Lake City

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