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Callsign makes passwordless a reality for FirstOntario Credit Union

Banking and Finance Digital Identity Fraud & Scams Customer Experience

Callsign Intelligence and Orchestration reduces friction, costs and calls to the contact center.

Callsign is able to make this a reality by removing member frustration that comes with passwords and simultaneously reduces the cost of OTPs

Callsign, the digital trust pioneer has announced that FirstOntario Credit Union (FirstOntario) is using the Callsign platform to enhance member experience with passwordless user journeys for Saven Financial, a division of FirstOntario Credit Union.

Saven Financial is a fully-digital financial platform, making it critical that the online and in-app experience for members is seamless and secure.

FirstOntario is using Callsign to deliver both secure and seamless omnichannel experiences for their customers across new account opening, login and reactivation journeys. Callsign removes passwords and SMS OTPs from core journeys by positively identifying genuine users using intelligence signals, including behavioral biometrics, device fingerprint, location and threat detection to provide multi-factor authentication that is both safer and more convenient for FirstOntario’s members.

"An exceptional experience is a fundamental requirement for our digital customers. Callsign is able to make this a reality by removing member frustration that comes with passwords and simultaneously reduce the cost of OTPs and calls to the contact center, when members forget passwords or change a device", said Michael Walsh, SVP Information Technology, FirstOntario Credit Union.

First impressions are important for customer experience and account opening needs to be both easy and secure. Using Callsign’s Intelligence Engine, FirstOntario can detect immediate threats on a device before associating a user with a specific device through cryptographic binding. This means the credit union can reliably assert that future interactions associated with this device have a higher degree of legitimacy without the need for an SMS OTP.

For future transactions, Callsign’s unique Dual Synergy modelling approach positively identifies genuine users through their digital DNA profile, which is built from historical digital interactions from their device, location, and behavioral biometrics (e.g., typing pattern etc.). This is combined with real-time threat detection models, to achieve a unique passwordless customer experience with high accuracy intelligence signals.

Callsign’s Orchestration Layer provides FirstOntario with centralized decision-making and the flexibility to create and adapt dynamic user journeys, without cumbersome code changes, depending on the ensembled intelligence score for the user. This is particularly important for customers who change devices and need to re-register. Layering the same user-based signals with additional insights, FirstOntario can identify the returning member and their new device.

"When it comes to digital banking, seamless user experiences are just as important as user protection. Our unique Dual Synergy approach is allowing FirstOntario to achieve both, protecting their members against the constant threat from fraudsters, while ensuring that they are able to get on and transact seamlessly.” concluded Stephen O’Malley, Chief Revenue Officer, Callsign.

About FirstOntario Credit Union

FirstOntario is a full service cooperative financial institution, serving members for more than 80 years throughout the Golden Horseshoe, Niagara Region and Southwestern regions of Ontario. With $5.8 billion in assets under management, FirstOntario is one of Canada’s largest credit unions. Everyone is welcome to be part of FirstOntario for financial services including daily transactions, mortgages, lines of credit, loans and investments. FirstOntario profits are invested into the communities we serve through support for entrepreneurs, competitive rates and charitable pursuits including our award winning student nutrition program. Learn more about us today at

About Saven Financial, a division of FirstOntario Credit Union

Saven means saving. It is that simple. Everything we do is to help people grow their savings for the future while building their local communities, too. That's why our online platform is both easy and convenient to use, and our members always benefit from our competitive rates and have a voice in our support for community causes. As a division of FirstOntario Credit Union, Saven Financial is powered by the strength of one of the largest credit unions in the province. By maximizing opportunities for returns and using profits for a higher purpose, we take care of our members and local communities. To learn more about Saven Financial, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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