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The role of biometrics in tackling fraud with Tony Sales

Fraud & Scams Behavioral Biometrics

This video is part of a series of interviews between fraudster turned fraud-fighter Tony Sales and Callsign's Ryan Gosling. In this video, Tony shares how embedding behavioral biometrics into authentication journeys is key for the future of fraud prevention.

Ryan Gosling:

So, you talk about the evolution of fraud. Where do you think it’s going to go from here? I think especially where, again, we’re talking about things like digital identity, as a lot of us now have more data online. How do you see that evolving?

Tony Sales:

I definitely think behavioral biometrics has a massive part to play with this. I actually said it yesterday to a journalist – if you look to the future, we can see that this is definitely going to be something we need. Because we won't ever be able to stop the ones that are really intent on getting us, no matter how good your services are and no matter how good anyone's services are.

If someone's intent on getting you, they will get you because something will happen. They'll either corrupt with money, get an internal threat, or find another route. It always happens right? But what we can do is start to get better at pushing the opportunities away. Once you start to push the opportunities away, you start to really cut the crime because those ones that really can attack you and hurt you are becoming a rarity. So as long as you're keeping up all of the things that you need to do, those big ones that could affect it are quite rare.

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