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MRC Vegas 2022

Digital & Commerce Fraud & Scams

All too often, fraud is measured only in terms of lost revenue. But it bites deeper than that – your reputation hangs on every transaction.

We need to change the conversation on fraud, and that’s exactly what Callsign will be doing at MRC Vegas 2022 in March. Join Callsign along with panelists from Macy’s, Groupon and Etsy for unmissable sessions.

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Why are we still talking about account takeover?
Monday, March 7, 1:30pm - 3pm PT

With ATO the catalyst for the majority of the top 5 Top Fraud Attacks in the MRC Global Fraud Survey 2021, Callsign's Hal Granoff is joined by Kareem Smith from Macy's to discuss techniques for conquering ATO in 2022.

A Catch-22 situation? Managing reputations, and the true cost of fraud
Thursday, March 10 11:15AM – 12PM PT

With interconnected customers and reviews to contend with, it’s vital that customers (and their details) are kept safe. But, at what cost? Sacrifice UX and you’re staring at the same result. Experts from Etsy, Groupon, Macy's and Callsign will look at why reputation needs to play a more central role when it comes to fraud prevention.

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