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Reg E: What does it mean for your organization?

Regulation Banking & Finance

The latest Reg E announcement has shone a light on the growing risk that online scams pose. With consumers being social engineered into authorizing fraudulent transactions, how easily can you separate these scams from first-party fraud when it comes to reimbursements?

This on-demand panel session looks at:

  • What the latest Reg E announcement means for you
  • How the US regulatory landscape is changing
  • How online scams differ from traditional fraud vectors and,
  • Why authorized fraud is a bigger problem that you may realize

Key Speakers

Ian Mitchell
Global Fraud and Financial Crimes Executive and Founder, The Knoble
Frank McKenna
Co Founder and Chief Fraud Strategist, firm Point Predictive
Ben Wallach
Fraud, Security, Financial Crimes Convergence Executive
Hal Granoff
Head of US Market Development, Callsign



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