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Callsign partners with London Met University


The London Metropolitan University have launched a dedicated Cyber Security Research Centre, that provides a space for researchers, students and industry experts to develop new approaches and best practice to cyber security practices. Realising the potential that a collaborative space like this can offer, Callsign have set up a dedicated office to further research into malware and fraud detection.

The centre, set up by Professor Karim Ouazzane who sits on the European Council for Cybersecurity, will also host offices for Oracle, Lloyds Bank & Cisco. This set up of dedicated offices ensures close collaboration between industry and academia spurring pioneering learning and product innovation.

As part of our investment, we will be receiving two post-docs to join the Callsign team, who will be working on the malware and fraud detection projects. This enables students to get hands-on experience in the sector, whilst allowing us to benefit from their expertise.

Reimagining research and development

This centre allows us to take a different approach to research, bridging the gap between academia and business, so that both can foster ideas together. Ideas will be worked on and developed in tandem, from the initial theory, allowing for business drivers to be integrated throughout. London Metropolitan University’s practical approach to academia, provides a strong foundation to build this on.

The impact of the work we’re conducting at the research centre will go far beyond the centre’s four walls. Companies and students working there can also leverage the University’s Partner Network ensuring that research and development will help further collaboration in the field.

You can find out more about the centre here

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