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Callsign joins Financial Data Exchange (FDX)

Press Release

We’re delighted to announce that we have joined the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), a non-profit organization dedicated to unifying the financial industry around technical standards for the secure exchange of user permissioned financial data.

FDX’s international membership is comprised of 150 financial institutions, financial data aggregators, fintechs, payment networks, consumer groups, financial industry groups and industry utilities working to collectively transition the financial services ecosystem to a modern, transparent and secure API-based data sharing approach.

Callsign is excited to join FDX at a period of rapid global digital transformation. As customer expectations shift, organizations are going to have to look at how they can build digital trust with their customers. Privacy, security and user experience each play a fundamental role in this. As part of FDX, we are able to promote best in class security standards, appropriate use and adoption of AI and how user experience and privacy can work hand-in-hand.

FDX is dedicated to five core principles of user permissioned data sharing: Control, Access, Transparency, Traceability and Security. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to be at the forefront of the development of interoperable standards for financial data sharing.

“We’re looking forward to working alongside like-minded organizations to help shape a positive future for the financial services industry.” notes Ian Welch (COO). “As companies go through rapid digital transformation projects, it’s imperative that users’ security, privacy and experiences are all considered.”

Callsign’s membership with FDX further underpins our growing presence within the North American and Canadian markets. Working directly alongside our growing client base and industry bodies such as FDX, we are well positioned to offer our clients dedicated industry knowledge and expertise of standards and policies, helping to maintain effective industry adoption.

“We are delighted to have Callsign join the FDX community. Callsign’s experience in digital identity and authentication will contribute to our ecosystem and help to ensure the FDX Standards and associated use cases are aligned to industry needs as financial organizations continue with their digital transitions,” Said Don Cardinal, Managing Director of FDX.

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