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Callsign brings intelligence-driven authentication to Temenos Marketplace


Callsign, the leading artificial intelligence-based authentication platform for financial institutions, today announced the integration of their Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) technology with Temenos, the market leading banking software specialists.

Callsign's Intelligence Driven Authentication™ for Temenos is available now on the Temenos Marketplace, the leading platform for facilitating the exchange of value between fintech providers and financial institutions. Callsign’s unique solution instantly fuses and analyzes hundreds of data points, providing Temenos's clients with a definitive way to pinpoint authentication threats. Pre-integrated through standards based Open Banking API interfaces into Temenos T24, Temenos Connect Internet Banking and Temenos Connect Mobile Banking solutions, Callsign's Intelligence Driven Authentication™ protects consumer identities to minimize the impact of compromised credentials.

Commenting on the news, Paul Anderson, Head of Strategic Alliances at Callsign, said:

“Banking is an industry that relies heavily on a single intangible: trust. Instead of just offering standalone security such as one-time password tokens which add friction, or passwords and pin numbers that can be easily compromised, at Callsign we use three meta metrics: device, location and behavior, providing banks with Intelligence Driven Authentication™. Correlating data from across all three metrics we can pick out truly suspicious activity without adding friction and thereby maintain a good customer experience. This is a revolutionary approach and we are very excited to bring it to Temenos customers through the Marketplace.”

Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, commented:

“Our aim with the MarketPlace is to find and onboard the very best fintech firms, those that bring innovative and value-added solutions to meet our customers' needs. Callsign is allowing banks to offer the very best online security without sacrificing user experience. Callsign are pre-integrated with the Temenos platform, meaning that as of now our customers can securely and quickly acquire Callsign's Intelligence Driven Authentication.”

About Callsign

Callsign is the leading artificial intelligence-based authentication platform for enterprises, financial institutions and consumer-facing digital services. Its unique Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) solution enables more informed and truly adaptive access control decisions, putting organizations, their users and their customers back in control. This creates frictionless access for users, whilst reducing false rejection rates and increasing security as well as operational agility. Callsign serves Tier 1 banking clients, government bodies and enterprises throughout Europe and the US.

About the Temenos MarketPlace

Launched at the start of 2016, the Temenos MarketPlace is a platform for facilitating the exchange of value between fintech providers and financial institutions. Its value proposition is based on curating the very best fintech solutions from around the world, certifying and integrating these solutions with the Temenos Suites, and making these solutions as easy to provision as possible. Today, MarketPlace is the world's largest fintech store, with over 100 applications from more than 50 fintech providers. For more information about MarketPlace please visit

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