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Creating work experience videos for the Aldridge Foundation

Press Release

With many work experience programs being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many young students aren't able to get the insight and experience around the vast career opportunities available to them.

To solve this challenge, The Aldridge Foundation are creating a digital library where students can view short, engaging videos to get an insight into working life and the array of opportunities it brings.

But we need your help in supporting them

Alongside our employees, we are calling on people from across the industry to record short videos that will give students an insight in to a particular job role, and advice such as signposting further resources, how to develop key skills, or take steps to make their dreams of pursuing that career a reality.

If you'd like to be part of this initiative, we've put together a helpful guide below on how to create your own 'A Day in the Life' video, including some hints and tips on recording videos at home from Peter Gabriel our Head of Brand and Creative.

How to create your own 'A Day in the Life’ Profile

Inspire young people, help influence their future careers and make their mark on the world, by creating a Day In The Life profile, where you’ll answer 8 questions to provide insight and advice in to your area of work.

Step 1: Answer the below questions, to camera

  1. Name / Job Title / A short sentence summing up your role/position
  2. I got the job…
  3. My typical day…
  4. My most memorable moment…
  5. The worst part of my job…
  6. The best part of my job…
  7. Advice / key skills needed for anyone wanting to become a [insert job title]…
  8. Set students a small challenge / task that they might have to complete if they were on work experience with you, or sign post to further information (Ted Talks, articles, online training, books etc.) that will spark their interest and teach them more about the industry that you work in.

Step 2: Send your video to The Aldridge Academy

Please email your videos along with a photo of yourself to so that they can transcribe and create a written profile to feature on Aldridge’s Alumni page, which you can view here.

Step 3: Invite 5 friends or colleagues to participate

Top tips for recording videos at home

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