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451 Research report: Building a better approach to BNPL fraud

Fraud & Scams Digital & Commerce Banking & Finance

This specially commissioned Buy Now, Pay Later report by 451 Research (S&P Global Market Intelligence) looks at the rise of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and the impact fraud is having on the industry. It also looks at the technologies and solutions BNPL providers can adopt to help manage and prevent the risks online fraud can bring to their business.

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BNPL is rapidly gaining momentum with more than 100 BNPL providers having emerged globally, igniting a land-grab for merchant and consumer adoption.

But with such rapid growth, fraud isn't far behind and many BNPL providers are beginning to see the impact of online fraud is having on their business. Which for many, is also rippling over into their networks, impacting the merchants they are partnering with.

Tackling this growth of fraud is key to success, but getting a handle on BNPL fraud during a period of accelerated growth requires a strategy that doesn’t compromise the user experience.

This Vanguard Report by 451 Research looks how BNPL providers can fend off growing instances of new account fraud and account takeovers (ATOs) without impacting their customer’s experiences.

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