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About Callsign

How it all started

A brief history of CallSigns

Call signs were first used in the early twentieth century in broadcasting and radio communications. Telegraph lines were installed alongside the existing railroad network so telegrams could be sent from one station to another.

As the lines got longer and the number of stations increased, it was agreed that a system was needed to clearly identify where a telegram message started and ended. Each station was given a unique identifier to accompany the telegram – a call sign. Ever since, call signs have been used by the military and in ground, sea and air travel. They are even used in space.

In the same way that call signs were used to identify exactly where a message originated from, we have built a system that means that if a transaction is carried out with your Callsign, it can only have come from you. The app has been developed with the highest security standards built in – similar to those used by leading banks. So, however you use your Callsign, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything you do is private and secure.

Integrate Callsign with everything

Integrate with your favourite SaaS Apps, VPN Clients and anything else you can think of.

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