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Online fraud, the psychology of scams and how technology can prevent them

Fraud & Scams Banking & Finance Digital & Commerce

With four out of five consumers globally having received a scam message, it’s fair to say that scams are on the increase, at the same time consumer awareness around scams has grown across both mainstream media and targeted consumer campaigns.

But why do we still fall for online scams?

This unique report commissioned by Callsign takes global consumer data and interviews with leading fraud experts from global banks to understand the pain points and challenges in preventing and detecting online scams.

Using insights from behavioral scientist and author, Richard Shotton we then look at why we are so susceptible to falling for scams and, what organizations can do to protect their customers and themselves.

Download this paper to discover:

  • Consumer data on online scams and fraud warnings
  • Behavioral insights around online scams
  • How you detect, intervene and protect your business against online scams
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