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Balance security and UX with intelligence-driven authentication

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The digital world is based on a simple premise – trust. When we’re interacting with a person or entity –whether it’s a business or some other transactional interface – we need to know with no uncertainty they are who they say they are, doing what they say they are, where they say they are doing it.

But this is no easy task. Many traditional solutions aren’t robust enough, relying on antiquated methods such as pins and passwords. Regulation is putting privacy back into the hands of your staff and customers, whilst your users are expecting seamless journeys. In short, we’re faced with an identity paradox.

What is Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA)?

When it comes to proving identity, we believe there are three key elements to be able to deliver robust, user friendly and most importantly, secure journeys. First is Intelligence, this is all about knowing what data to capture and when. The second element is decisioning and orchestration, which is all about building user friendly journeys. Last but not least is authentication. It might be the most obvious of the three, but all too often organizations expect everyone to have access to the latest smartphone, to have the capability to use technology in the same way, or to be culturally willing to share biometrics. In doing so, swathes of society can become digitally isolated by identity technology that is designed for population segments, rather than individuals.

Within our IDA platform, it’s the Intelligence Engine that collects and analyzes thousands of data points across device, location and behavior to deliver a confidence score based in how likely it is that someone is who they say they are. If the confidence score is high, you can safely reduce friction – and if it’s not, authentication or authorization requests can be triggered – all in real-time.

It’s our Policy Manager & Engine that applies all the decisions, journey mapping and orchestration around this confidence score. Policies are fully transparent and written in natural language so leaders in risk, compliance, customer experience can understand them, as well as technical peers in IT and fraud. Importantly, policy owners can test policy decisions using a time machine feature, champion /challenger modes and A:B testing.

In all, the entire process is designed to determine what kind of authentication journeys are best used in which circumstances, based on what action is being performed, by who, where, and how. Meaning you aren’t isolating swathes of user’s with either / or choices of biometrics or additional password checks. Now that’s getting customer experience right!

Advantages of Intelligence Driven Authentication

Balancing security and user experience is often a resource heavy and costly battle. Here’s five reasons why this doesn’t need to be the case:

Confirm customer’s identities accurately and quickly

Each and every one of your users is different, from behavioral traits to preferences. Using machine and deep learning techniques, we analyze thousands of individual data points around a user to build up a unique identity profile. Each identity profile is learnt by our intelligence engine with the technology working from the first interaction and getting richer with every subsequent interaction.

Personalized customer journeys based on individuals and context

Customers can be a demanding bunch, whether they are after streamlined user journeys or selective authentication preferences, if you get it wrong, they’ll move somewhere else. Often innovative solutions focus on the capability of technology and do not give applicability to a user base the same weighting. That’s where we’re different.

Our Policy Engine can dynamically adjust to the type of hardware, connectivity and even preferences of individual users, such as those who prefer not to use facial recognition or don’t have access to a smart phone. Our authenticators span the newest most robust methods, like swipe; the most traditional methods, like tokens; and the most remote needs, like landline phone calls.

A security solution that isn’t a drain on resource

Security teams are often overwhelmed with constant service rollouts, that reduce the businesses capacity for strategic improvements. Because our platform is cloud native you can be assured of true scalability and flexibility. Being cloud hosted also means easier integrations that don’t take up valuable resource. For those organizations who prefer it, we can also offer on-premise integrations.

Increase collaboration

When it comes to building and orchestrating identity customer journeys that are both secure and user friendly, multiple functions across the business need to collaborate. Alongside IT, functions like security, digital transformation, fraud, risk, compliance and marketing can lend valuable insight or requirements.

Our engineering team comes from a banking and ecommerce backgrounds and understand your challenges. It’s this knowledge that we used to redefined orchestration and policy management with:

  • built in natural language workflows
  • drag and drop user interfaces
  • four eye approval models via role-based access guaranteeing segregation of duties
  • Real time design and testing of policies, with features like champion/ challenger, A:B testing and time machine (testing a new policy/ journey on a defined past period client data).

Take advantage of existing investments

It’s likely that you’ve already invested in identity solutions either through home grown innovations, or third-party solutions. Because our technology is modular, we can wrap around or augment your existing point solutions to produce a robust identity platform without redundancy.

In fact, we see this additional data as a positive. By integrating existing identity solution with ours, you leverage a wider pool of data to determine identity, whilst still making decisions from one, single confidence score. Where you’ve already got pre-defined processes, you can use our policy manager to trigger calls to Security Operations, or any team for that matter.

Hassle free compliance

Meeting privacy and regulation requirements can be a real headache – especially when it comes to identity. What’s great about our platform is that we build identity profiles without knowing the actual identity of the users. Our Policy Manager has pre-configured logic to help you deal with regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions, all from one central location.

Moreover, we only collect data at interaction points, rather than via continuous surveillance. Not only will that assure your customers, it’ll also help their phone battery life.

When it comes to identity solutions, organisations can’t be looking at customer experience, security and technology in silos. At Callsign, we believe all the three are intrinsically linked, and why we build out solutions with the user in mind – whether that’s the teams building customer journeys or the customer’s themselves.

At the end of the day users want to get on with their digital interactions and transactions and that’s exactly what our Intelligence Driven Authentication allows.

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