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Aite Novarica Impact Report – Online Scams

Fraud & Scams Regulation Banking & Finance

Scams are on the rise across the globe, but no two regions are the same and some countries are being affected more than others.

This Aite Novarica Impact Report looks at how scams are defined and categorized in both the UK and North America. It also examines their evolution and the best solutions to combat them.

Download this report to understand recent trends in scam activity, how the rise in scams is impacting regulation and reimbursement policies across the UK and US, and how financial institutions are mobilizing to address the risk of scams.

Key themes from the report include:

  • overview of the UK's taxonomy for defining and measuring scams
  • how the UK taxonomy differs from the Federal Reserve Banks’ Fraud Classifier Model
  • how UK industry, regulators, and legislators have collaborated to tackle the problem holistically
  • challenges in distinguishing between scams that seek to reveal sensitive information and those meant to induce the victim to make an authorized payment
  • examples of online scams and the methods fraudsters use to conduct them.
  • Overview if scam prevention solutions, including a visual insight into Callsign's unique Dynamic Interventions solution as an industry leader in combating scams.
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