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Proactively protect your employee identities to prevent data breaches without cumbersome and unmanageable authentication processes.

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Protect access to your organization’s remote networks.

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Defend your on-premise & SaaS applications.

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Secure your physical and virtual endpoints.

Callsign is the perfect solution for

Preventing Data

Adapt (step up) authentication level or block access if credential compromise is suspected.

Implementing Fine-Grained Authentication Policies

Enabling geo, device and behavioral restrictions.

Increasing Employee Productivity

Allow organizations to expand the number of systems that employees can access remotely with fine-grained authentication policies.

Desktop Login

Deliver passwordless login using native biometrics capabilities across Windows and Apple desktops.


Ensure access to personal data is fully accountable. Support critical PSD2, GDPR and HIPAA requirements around the confidentiality of personal information.

Reducing Password Reset Help desk Calls

Reduce the need for secret questions and other weak and inconvenient solutions.


Standards based deployment for rapid time to value

Minimal deployment complexity using standards and out of the box integrations. IDA can be deployed into production within an hour.

Integrate directly with Applications or via IAM software

Fit with your existing Identity & Access Management capabilities and SaaS / on-premise applications.

Support all systems with a single authentication service

Use Callsign as the common authentication approach for everything your employees need to access. Phased migration of users and systems to IDA.

Use the Callsign mobile app or combine with existing authenticators

Support all your user segments and their associated authentication requirements.


Covers most SaaS Applications, VPN clients & IAM software.

LDAP & custom .NET & Java connectors

Generic integration with custom connectors available for selected systems.

Windows Credential Provider, LINUX PAM

Covers most physical and virtual desktop infrastructure, automated deployment to thousands of machines via central administration.

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Callsign App

In a fast moving world why waste time trying to remember all your passwords, some of which are years old and are probably not even secure? Instead, save time and your sanity by using the Callsign app.

We use Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA) to give you peace of mind that only you can access your Callsign-protected services. This means that if somebody gets your password, mother's maiden name or even your phone then they cannot pretend to be you.

Defend against data breaches

Simple secure employee access delivered via iOS and Android

iPhone App

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Android App

Compatibility: Requires 4.0 and up

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