For Consumers

Proactively protect consumer identities to minimize the impact of compromised credentials and deliver a better user experience.

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Protect access to your online services.

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Secure activities within your mobile applications.

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Defend telephony to the same level as other channels.

Callsign is the perfect solution for

Minimizing the impact of data breaches

Even if credentials and personal information are compromised IDA defends identities by pinpointing malicious usage. Proactively defend against fraudulent account creation and takeover and misuse of your identity.

Increasing consumer engagement

Engage consumers with seamless access to digital services. Drive consumers through digital channels avoiding the friction of physical interactions.

Passwordless access
to services

Deliver passwordless login
through biometrics and analytics.

Reducing false

The combination of location, device and behavioral analytics builds a richer picture of a consumer’s digital fingerprint.

Reducing password reset help desk calls

Reduce the need for secret questions and other weak and inconvenient solutions


Ensure access to personal data is fully accountable. Support critical PSD2, GDPR and HIPAA requirements around the confidentiality of personal information


Standards based deployment for rapid time to value

Minimal deployment complexity using standards and out of the box integrations.

Integrate directly with Applications or via Transaction Monitoring Software

Fit with your existing Transaction Monitoring capabilities and SaaS / on-premise applications.

Support all channels with a single authentication service

Use Callsign as the common authentication approach for everything your consumers need to access.

Use OEM Callsign App, the Callsign SDK or combine with existing authenticators

Support all your user segments and their associated authentication requirements.


Use the Callsign cloud service for extreme scalability, resilience and availability.


Leverage all the benefits of the cloud service with additional control over your data.


Run your own Callsign instance in the environment of your choosing. Package the service using your own name and branding.

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Callsign SDK

The Callsign Mobile SDK is available for Android and iOS, so all the features of Callsign can be embedded into any app, this transforms your app into the omni-channel controller of user access. Users are not required to download and install a separate app, instead everything is embedded into your app with fully customizable branding.

Designed for rapid integration the Callsign Mobile SDK helps app owners realize the benefits almost instantaneously, gaining Callsign’s unique IDA capability while minimizing overall time to market as well as ongoing maintenance.