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Simple and secure crypto security

Digital solutions for a digital problem

Uninterrupted customer experiences

Offering low friction combined with high security is key to acquiring customers and winning their trust. With Callsign there’s no need to sacrifice, we’ll help you provide both.

Seamless experiences

Speed and ease are the aim of the game. We provide both.

Scam prevention

Scams are a huge reputation risk, don’t let your customers get caught out.

Account Takeover (ATO) protection

The only thing new about ATO is that crypto is a new target. The one thing stopping that - we’ve got your back.


Hassle-free authentication

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Travis is looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but having heard in the news about scams and crypto fraud, he needs a wallet that’s secure as well as easy to use.

Find out how Callsign can help your customers like Travis get on, protecting against account takeover and crypto scams whilst streamlining UX.

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Friction-free crypto security

Give your customers the welcome they deserve with unobtrusive, customer-first identification from onboarding, right through to payment.

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ATO protection

Bot detection

Scam prevention

Account spoofing prevention

Timing is everything

Impressions count for everything. A poor onboarding experience or clunky login process won’t win over customers - in fact, it’s more likely to drive them away. In today's digital world, timing is everything. We can help you stay ahead of regulation, fraudsters' evolving tactics and customer frustration.

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Major US Bank

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