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Code-free Changes

Callsign’s ruleset designer has been built with all users in mind. Using our drag and drop interface no prior coding or JavaScript experience is needed to build dynamic, natural language user journeys.

This allows your teams to focus on delivering secure, customer friendly user journeys that benefit from real-time authentication mechanism decisions and adjustments based on who is attempting a transaction, through what channel, and with what characteristics. What’s more, the policies can be configured to manage/handle adversaries and block transactions at the point of request so costly call backs and unnecessary identity checks can be avoided.

Full Visibility Of Your Security Landscape

Use the ruleset designer to build and orchestrate user journeys, define when a particular set of identity methods will be required or when to trigger / notify other systems.

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Dynamic Policies Based Off One Confidence Score

When combined with our Intelligence Engine, you can choose to whether to build dynamic policies based off one combined confidence score or from the individual modalities - derived from thousands of data points across device, location and behavior.

A Natural Language, Drag & Drop Interface

Our drag-and-drop interface means teams from across the organization can collaboratively build user friendly journeys that meet fraud and compliance requirements.

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Adaptive Rulesets Based On Lists

Lists can be built and applied to policies using a broad array of datasets including location, device and user IDs.

Out-the-box Templates And Regulatory Specific Rules

Out-the-box templates and regulatory specific rules including configurable & scalable rulesets around possession, knowledge and inherence, make it easy to meet compliance requirements, without having to compromise user experience.

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Third-party Data

Make decisions based off third-party sources, whether it’s physical access information, list management or your own in-house data.

Role-based Access

In-built workflows and four eye approval models via role-based access guarantees segregation of duties and ensures that only approved polices go live.

Decisioning Module Helps You

Reduce Costs

The costs of hard tokens, SMS, API calls and password resets can all be lowered with greater visibility and control over customer journeys.

Improve UX

Improved privacy and optimized customer journeys make for fewer abandoned transactions and better customer retention.

Reduce Fraud

Stop fraud whether it appears at the point of entry or during a transaction, interaction or session, using tailored user journeys based of thousands of datapoints.

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Decisioning Module

Decisioning, Journey Mapping & Orchestration

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Policy Management

Find the right balance between security and user experience with one holistic view of customer activity across digital, telephony and physical channels.

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Greater control over authenticators and their deployment, not only means greater customer experience... It can be a real cost saver.

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Policy Evaluation

Use real-time analytic data to test policies before deploying and review authenticator performance.

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