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Complimentary copy: Forrester Opportunity Snapshot – online scams

Research & Insights Fraud & Scams

How Sophisticated Scams Affect Your Customers And Business

Understand the impact scams is having on organizations like yours, including:

  • the monetary losses from scams and business areas organizations are investing in to tackle this issue
  • the advantages they are looking for when procuring scams solutions
  • the solutions they are investing in over the next 12 months
  • the role that regulation and legislation are playing in selecting solutions

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With fraudsters deploying diverse tactics ranging from social engineering to phishing, unauthorized push payments and Remote Access Trojans (RAT), the consumer across the globe are being manipulated and coerced into making payments and unknowingly authorizing account takeovers.

Collectively, these scams cost financial organizations money, erode customer confidence and trust, impacting their ability to attract and retain customers.

Furthermore, these scams are not reported, or in the case of attacks such as Remote Access Trojans, may escape detection by traditional fraud management systems, meaning we may not understand of the scale and scope of the current online scam challenge, affecting conversations around liability and regulation.

About this study:
Callsign commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of manager-level and above decision-makers at financial organizations across the globe to better understand the full scale and scope of online scams (and their respective maturity in key regions), so banks will be able to build more trusted relationships with their customers and offer more differentiated products and services.

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Key highlights include:

of respondents lost 1% to 6% of revenue due to consumer-based scams
say scams affect the organization's ability to attract new customers
of organizations say detecting scams is a challenge for their business