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What is behavioral biometrics?

Behavioral biometrics is the method of identifying and measuring unique behavioral patterns such as how someone types or moves their mouse. You can then use these attributes to positively identify a customer – allowing genuine customers to get on, while keeping the bad actors out.

Advantages of behavioral biometrics

Behavioral biometrics is a passive method of authentication, resulting in minimal interruption to the customer journey. And – as a fraudster can never accurately mimic how a genuine user normally interacts with your services – your accounts and payments remain secure, regardless of the attack vector.

With behavioral biometrics, multi-factor authentication can be achieved by analyzing the way someone inputs a PIN or even a swipe of the screen, reducing reliance on costly and insecure SMS OTPs or hard tokens.

Examples of behavioral biometrics

Pressure, speed, dominant hand – the way a person types is as individual to them as their fingerprint. Keystroke dynamics intelligently evaluates keyboard strokes against previous behavior to confirm identity.

Keyboard dynamics whitepaper

Adding behavioral biometrics to PIN authentication significantly reduces the risk of fraud, even if the fraudster knows the PIN code.

Behavioral PIN authentication analyzes how the phone is held and the way the PIN is entered, analyzing user attributes such as wrist strength and finger placement to positively identify the user – something that can’t be replicated.

Behavioral PIN authentication whitepaper

A simple swipe across a touchscreen passes on information on how a user interacts with their device.

Callsign’s Swipe Authentication analyzes how the phone is held and the way the user swipes a card across the screen, assigning user attributes such as wrist strength and hand movement to positively identify the user.

Keystroke Dynamics

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Behavioral PIN Authentication

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SCA Compliance with Behavioral Biometrics

There’s no need for SMS OTPs, hard tokens or multiple authentication stages to satisfy SCA requirements.

Behavioral biometrics is considered an inherence factor by SCA regulation, and is UK Finance and the ICO's second authentication factor of choice.

By combining Callsign’s unparalleled device recognition (which profiles down to the hardware level, removing the need for cookies) with behavioral biometrics, you can offer an extra level of SCA-compliant security to the payment journey without any extra action from the customer.

SCA compliance

Muscle Memory Technology

Our unique Muscle Memory Technology provides the highest fidelity form of behavioral biometrics to more accurately identify the individual, and ensure only the genuine user has access to their accounts.

Because Callsign analyzes more data signals across web and mobile than any other solution, you can more accurately identify and prevent fraud, helping you protect both your customers and your reputation.

Behavioral biometrics use cases

Behavioral biometrics make it easy for your customers to authenticate, removing any reliance on expensive SMS OTPs and significantly improving security​.

Screen 42x42

As the user logs in, Callsign uses behavioral biometrics such as keystroke dynamics to passively detect and block threats.

Multi Factor Authentication 42x42

Our AI and machine learning models analyze thousands of device, location and behavior data points to confirm the user's identity.

Step Up 42x42

If the user cannot be positively identified, they are routed to step-up authenticators.

Tick 42x42

Once authenticated, Callsign orchestrates their onward journey.

Website 42x42
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Callsign passively identifies and eliminates threats such as malware, bots, and compromised devices.

Multi Factor Authentication 42x42

Behavioral biometrics is combined with Device ID technology and location intelligence to identify returning users with market-beating precision – without any customer friction.

Tick 42x42
Orchestrates onward journey

With the assurance that your customers are who they claim to be you, can offer tailored experiences from login to payment, reducing the risk of abandoned transactions.

Five questions to authenticate user identity

The first step is assessing for bad actors trying to hack or spoof a system to undermine its security.

Our threat detection solutions check for known vulnerabilities against multiple malware engines, ensuring the session is secure. We also flag risks to an individual session such as if a device is jailbroken, tampered with, or using an emulator.

How threat detection works with behavioral biometrics

Our bot detection technology checks whether there is a bot active in the session. We identify behaviors that indicate that a bot attack is underway and flag it if so, allowing you to choose whether to end the session or to dynamically select the appropriate onward action within our Orchestration Layer.

Prevent bot attacks

We analyze more data signals across web and mobile than any other vendor. Combining device, location, and threat intelligence with our unique Muscle Memory Technology – the highest fidelity form of behavioral biometrics – we more accurately identify the individual and ensure only the legitimate user has access to their accounts.

Positively identify legitimate users

Our Orchestration Layer leaps into action when a customer exhibits unusual activity. By inserting contextual questions into the customer journey, we provide a cognitive jolt to a user, giving organizations extra context to make risk-based decisions.

Callsign’s threat detection technology prevents remote access scams where a legitimate user’s session had been taken over by a RAT after login. Once this has been identified, our system can step-up authentication or take another action in line with an organization’s policy.

Watch dynamic Interventions in action

As new capabilities go into production, new policies and regulations come into force, and bad actors develop increasingly devious ways to bypass security measures.

Callsign’s Orchestration Layer gives you the ability to adapt with your business – in real-time. With our low code / no code Orchestration Layer you can design, control, and deploy personalized user journeys that are both seamless and secure.

See how our Orchestration Layer can help you

Digital solution for a digital problem

Callsign delivers industry-leading AI combining behavioral biometrics, location and device analysis to passively confirm user identity.


increase in genuine user detection

Fewer false positives

By collecting multiple data points including behavioral, location, device and threats, we accurately and passively identify genuine users.


reduction in step-ups

Removing unnecessary friction from the user journey

Only add friction into the user journey when a user is showing abnormal behavior.


authentication accuracy rate

Trust your genuine users

With our industry-leading Muscle Memory Technology you can trust your users are who they say they are.

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