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Say Goodbye To Passwords

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Easily review all requests that have been made to your Callsign. This audit trail ensures you can see all transactions that have been approved, or declined, on your behalf.

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Choose up to 24 identity types from LinkedIn to PayPal address, to be linked and managed via Callsign. You can then easily control which of these details are shared with both companies and individuals.

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Even when you have no access to the Internet, you can still approve transactions. Use your app to generate an OTP then enter this OTP into systems and services that you want to access.

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Callsign App

In a fast moving world why waste time trying to remember all your passwords, some of which are years old and are probably not even secure? Instead, save time and your sanity by using the Callsign app.

We use Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA) to give you peace of mind that only you can access your Callsign-protected services. This means that if somebody gets your password, mother's maiden name or even your phone then they cannot pretend to be you.

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Swipe to Approve ™

What makes Callsign’s IDA unique is the way in which it harnesses the power of the sensors on a smartphone to instantly process key data analytics, providing you with secure and seamless access to the services you want.

From just a simple Swipe of your phone Callsign can identify you from anyone else. No other authentication solution in the world delivers this level of sophistication and user experience.

Protect against password breaches

Simple secure access delivered via iOS and Android apps or SDK

iPhone App

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Android App

Compatibility: Requires 4.0 and up

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