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How two major banks are using seamless authentication experiences to win customer loyalty

Behavioral Biometrics Customer Experience Banking & Finance

What: Callsign & Aite Group Webinar

When: On-demand

Navigating today’s fraud and authentication landscape isn’t easy. Fraud threats are ever changing, budgets are tightening and regulation looms. All set against a backdrop of customers craving hyper-personalized experiences. But, as two major banks realized, there is a clear path through. The answer - it’s down to greater control.

With complex systems, costly authentication processes and little oversight of policies and where they are used, it’s hard to make the right decisions. But, with greater visibility and control over your intelligence feeds, journey mapping and orchestration, you too can build personalized authentication experiences that instill trust in your customers and stop the bad guys.

Using examples from two major banks as a backdrop, Joseph Krull (Senior Analyst, Aite Group) and Hal Granoff (Head of US Market Development, Callsign) will help you navigate these challenges, showing how you can offer your customers simple and secure online experiences.

By joining this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How behavioral authentication can help remove friction from the customer journey
  • How your cybersecurity, fraud, and digital transformation teams can collaborate to reach common goals
  • How you can reduce costs with greater oversight of policies, customer journeys and orchestration
  • How multi-tenant access and management can help you to reduce IT dependencies.

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