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Bot Wars – the evolution of malicious AI-powered bots

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Bots are becoming one of the greatest challenges for organisations to defend against, with large numbers being targeted by automated attacks over the web. These pose a critical threat to infrastructure and security systems due to their ability to operate both undercover and on a mass scale.

It’s a continuous battle, as organisations integrate more sophisticated detection capabilities, the bad guys adapt to the changing landscape. Today, some of the most advanced threats are bypassing the latest security trends such as two-factor authentication and simple location / device checks. But this is just the start…

The latest advances in malicious robots is the evolution of the ‘parasitic’ or Botnets, capable of mimicking human behaviour on webpages. In today’s online driven world, this poses a serious issue to authentication and digital identity. So how can we protect ourselves from these attacks?

Keeping one step ahead of the Bots

Our own industry threat analysis shows that the latest attacks are continually using more sophisticated methods to simulate human behaviour. Developments in AI and Deep Learning technologies have shown the capability for two separate AI systems to work against one another, to learn and simulate advanced human characteristics such as key strokes and mouse movements. While this

threat does not currently exist, we aren’t far off from seeing such attacks taking place.

So how can we protect ourselves from these ever evolving, advanced attacks?

Our Digital Identity product, powered by Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA), utilises AI to understand users and build digital profiles that are able to remember and recognise an individual's known devices, locations and reflex behaviour.

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